Welcoming the delightful New Year

New year is magical. The charm and freshness of a new chapter in life is extremely mesmerizing. It is welcoming, joyous, hopeful and filled with dreams and ambitions.

The New Year is a painting not yet painted; A path not yet stepped on; a wing not yet taken off! Things haven’t happened as yet! Before the clock strives twelve, remember that you are blessed with the ability to reshape your life!

Mehmet Murat ildan


New year has a POWER. A power of experiences of our previous years. It’s a mirror of introspection and a guide to be hopeful of the opportunities, ideas or break a habit that doesn’t lead to a constructive way.

Not Everyone gets a second chance but every year we get a chance to Re-Do, Re-Start and Fresh Start a new beginning of a page that we always wished to. 

Thus, we hope, aspire and look for New year resolutions. 

Journey of new year resolutions

The Big Plans

The new year resolutions always kick start with full of enthusiasm and thrill on various things that we want to achieve like

  • Read at least 1 page every day
  • Make yourself fit by reducing the excess fat from your body
  • Start meditation
  • Spend more time with family
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Join the 5:30 AM club

The list of these things varies from individual to individual.

The Unsteady Phase

The fact is that the promises made on New year usually are followed in the first week and then history repeats itself of forgetting or ignoring the resolutions taken. In fact, I have heard from many that the resolutions are made to be broken. They do not work and it makes no sense in keeping new year resolutions.

The Introspective Question

If there is no thought to change, no idea of planning, no motive to learn, no inspiration to fly, then there cannot be any room for improvement too. Thus, somewhere at some point each one of us have to start and why not begin with a new year with well-planned strategy to fulfil our dreams and wishes.

Pointers to keep in mind before promising for New Year Resolution

  • Be prepared – Just because New year resolutions is a tradition and followed by many, we need not keep just for the sake of keeping it. Prepare your mind and body to stick to it and imagine yourself reaping its benefits from it. Think of how much you really need that in your life and start it with a belief.
  • Consistency and Patience – Nothing can happen overnight or even in just a few couple of days. Patience is necessary to keep up the consistency in your thoughts and also your work. Maintaining a diary of the practise days helps us keep up the spirit high. It is Ok if some day gets skip in fulfilling the act but still the strategic plan is to still continue the flow. Something is always better than Nothing.
  • Collaborate – Finding a partner with the same interest helps you to push, achieve more, learn and grow in the process. You are not then thinking to do it as a work but it becomes a fun and a pleasure time with proper time allotted to that work.
  • Celebrate Wins – When we plan to climb a ladder, we need to take small tiny steps to reach to the top and every step takes us one level higher to the goal. So, celebrate, the little wins of your resolution to keep you moving through out.
  • GratitudeBe kind towards yourself in the journey of the resolution. You are better than what you were yesterday. Things, circumstances and situations are fragile but still we have been moving towards our goals through a different plan, a different strategy, a different way with the help of our supporters and come a long way. So be grateful to what you have done and continue to fulfil it.

Every single year, we can be a different person, only if we try to be one !

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