My Secret Santa

I have always been fascinated with Santa Clause as I have believed that Santa is the only Messenger of the creator who comes from the universe and gets special gifts, lots of love and happiness for all.

I was always so excited a night before Christmas to find a smallest gift below my pillow in the bright sunny morning of the 25th December.

As a child I would gladly show everyone that a big jolly man with a white beard and red suit had visited my house and gifted me.
However, as I grew up my fascinated world showed me the realty that the various gifts were actually kept by my parents and Santa doesn’t visit us.

I was then a little upset and sad on this. My mom very lovingly explained it to me the real definition of a Santa Clause.
She said “God loves all his children but since he could not be with all of them on Earth, he created his most beautiful creation Mother’s.”
Similarly, Santa also disguises himself in various forms of human and brings precious gifts which are priceless but are a treasurer like laughter, joy, support, help for us.
Santa necessarily may not be the chubby beard person but he is amongst one of the human who guide us, makes us smile and vanishes all our troubles. We only need to notice the secret well wisher of ours

Gratitude to the all time Santa of my life

1)Parents and Elders who are always by my side and bless me with all the happiness of the world.
2)Lord himself who has always in invisible ways been with me and signals at times of his presence.

3) My life partner and my child who has showed me how to enjoy life and me understand the true meaning of love.

My Santa of this year of 2021

1)My mentor and coach (Naren Goidani) for guiding on how to live life at the fullest

2)My family doctor (Dr. Jay Shankar) who has given a proper advice and treatments during the season of Covid.

3)My helper at home (Uma) who made sure that I get enough rest and make my life easy from the household chores.

4)My dearest Friends who made me laugh and did not allow me to feel lonely during the lockdown period.

Through these amazing Santa’s in my life I understood
The greatest thing is not to believe in Santa Clause but It Is To Be Santa In Someone’s Life. “

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