On Entering a Tunnel

A long, narrow and scary passage to pass through,

Entering the tunnel was like Entering a place filled with full of darkness,

Not knowing where and how would the journey be,

But stepping in it was mandatory to grow further,

The beginning of a new venture in life,

The Journey of Taking yourself to the next level,

Always looks risky and filled with challenges,

But if not taken it would throw me to a place where I never want to go,

Time and Situation sometimes demands to take a bold step,

Where Courage needs to be chosen over Fear,

To take little small steps of HOPE,

I then gathered the dose of self belief in me ,

That the darkness of bad and tough times will end soon,

And entered the tunnel slowly by listening to my inner voice,

With fingers crossed I kept on moving further,

Which took me to find alternatives to explore in the world of life,

This Strength enlightened the light of progress within me,

To foresee the path at the end of tunnel,

Where light is bright and abundant,

And situations inside the tunnel then seemed to be in Control,

Within a short span of time the fast pace of my heart beat was back to normal,

I walked easily out from the dark tunnel of life,

With full of Confidence and Joy,

And a great learning for my future,

That there is always light at the end of a tunnel,

We just need to keep the faith alive within us!!

7 responses to “On Entering a Tunnel”

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