Necessity is the Author of Change

E-Commerce has been the fastest growing platform for commercial transactions. It has been a vital part of business to sell products and services online. It provides great ease to the consumers to buy products with the convenience of being at home and saving their time to travel from one place to another to buy items.

E commerce platform started picking up in the year 2012. However, Change in buying habits from physical shopping to online shopping required certain amount of behavioral change in consumers. Accepting the e commerce platform to replace the real physical purchasing tooka little time for many people.

The Need to Change

Personally, E commerce came as a necessity to me when my doctor asked me not to lift heavy weights due to severe back pain. Online Grocery shopping was initiated then to ease the convenience of picking up the heavy items and bringing it till home.

Change is Fun

Change is usually very difficult to accept and make it a habit. But where nothing is altered or different than before Change is always welcomed. Only when something is tried, we see how useful and efficient it is.

The shift from physical shopping to online shopping was so easy and convenient that in a short span of time my buying patterns changed only to online shopping. Subscriptions were taken even for the daily items like Vegetables, fruits and milk to ease the process of buying.

The advantages that E commerce platform gave me was:

1) Easy and convenient – The pandemic hit so many people around and the quarantine period of being at home became an opportunity as items, food, could be ordered and delivered at door step without the pinch of seeking help for daily needs.

2) User friendly– No hassle of struggling on how to order items, When and how would it reach to us, Payment mode was all so easy that there were no reason that e commerce platform had an extra edge compared to traditional buying.

3)Competitive Price – The various offers and discounts offered in bulk purchasing makes it cheaper than the physical purchasing. Rates can be compared with other sources and a Win Win situation is always been with the consumers.

4)No hassle of travelling, Wasting time and Energy in the process of shopping – Travelling, Searching for the items to be purchased, Waiting for que in billing, Tiredness was all effortlessly resolved due to purchasing pattern change from physical shopping to online shopping.

5) Mental Support and Relaxation – In the traditional shopping style, Starting of the moth a list of the items to be purchased had to be noted down to buy at once on a weekend and if any item was forgotten the pressure of going to the shop and again purchasing was itself tiring. But e – commerce platform has relaxed that shopping can be done anytime in just a click and as and how the items are required orders can be placed accordingly in just a delivery time of 90 minutes.

6) Pocket friendly– Temptation is more when items are shopped in the store. So unwanted items are purchased too which unnecessarily increases the budget and occupies a lot of storage in the house but in the E- Commerce platform just the required quantity and required items are shopped to save on the extra penny spent in physical shopping.

 E-Commerce platform is not only a boon for the Consumers but a boon for the economy as well. Local small business and other vendors can collaborate with the big platforms and increase their productivity. Various collaborations took place in Covid 19  like Flipkart partnered with Uber for last mile delivery of essential to customers. Myntra partnered with Wildcraft to sell protective face mask. 

E commerce platform and online shopping has changed my buying patterns, Better time and money management. Online platform has made me a Smart Buyer now.

There is also a belief system in every industry that the growth in E commerce platform provides employment, increase revenues, provide better products and contribute to be one among the key driving forces in growth of the economy.

Written as a part of Blogchatter’s campaign #E Commerce Innovation

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