The Puzzled Life Is Just Like A Loving Parent

Many a time, life looks like a puzzle to us. It gets tricky to solve it .The broken pieces scatter all around and it looks difficult to bring all of them together in synchronization.

On the other hand, Parents are always so caring and lovable. Parents are the World to us. They train us in almost everything. The first baby steps we took to walk, the unclear murmur that turned to a clear confident speech, and much much more than this was gifted to us by our parents.

But, many a time we feel our parents are really strict and tuff. They do not help us or understand us.

The role of a Parent and Life

The truth is, whether it is A Loving Parent or a tricky puzzle both are best solved when we understand in general the theme and the purpose behind the making of it and it becomes beautiful when patiently the pieces are arranged and understood to bring together in harmony.

The parents and Life both motivate the individual to do things that they ate not comfortable so that they can push themselves harder to thrive and achieve what it really wants.

The deliberate attempt of life and parent

Intentionally, sometimes parents make few things tough for kids to solve to make them smarter and sharper.

Ex: When a child learns the basics of addition and subtraction, The initial Math sums that are given to them to solve are made to be tough to make them understand the concepts even more better.

Similar Way, the puzzled Life is just a Loving Parent to us. It is wonderful. It gives us immense opportunities to learn and to grow.

Life gets difficult at times, just like a parent who raises their voice on the child (only to show their acting skills) to guide them to perform, learn and excel in life through the act of failing and bouncing back fiercely.

The purpose of life and a parent are the same

“To make the individual Accept every situation as it comes and emerge high from the shortcomings of life.”

The trick of living life with joy

Just as a child blindly jumps and takes a leap from a height with full belief that the parent will surely hold him in his arms and will not allow the child to fall.

Trust the process of life. The ups and downs, the challenges, the problems, the pain it sometimes gives us are for our OWN good. Sooner or Later, we will see the real benefit of it.


Life my dearest Life,

You are so Tough Oh Tough,

Sometimes You make me uncomfortable,

Sometimes you give me pain,

Sometimes you show Uncertainties,

Sometimes You try to break me,


I trust you and understand you,

I know you do this to make me grow,

To make me learn,

to make me shine,

I have my equipment’s

of Right Mindset

A calm and Relaxed Way out,

To fight against all odds,

And Emerge as a Warrior, As A Hero!!

Good luck to You and Me!!!

The technique of finding the answers to a puzzling life

The trick life to solve life lies within you.

You Have All the Answers

Always remember one thing nature will never give you a problem that you cannot solve if a problem comes in front of you that means you have the capacity to overcome it you already have answers and that is why the question appears in front of you.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Podcast of the puzzled life

Click the link below link to hear

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