The Magical Reality

Weekends are fun. They are a blend of Relaxation, Entertainment and have just a little flavor of work.
Being an easy going day, I was surfing the channels  on television and YouTube videos.
Interestingly, The title of a particular video caught my eye. The catchy title that hooked me was ‘ The Magical Reality.’ I got curious to know more about what was inside the video for the viewers as a strong title showcases and reveals a lot about itself. Thus , it is always told
” Dress how you want to be addressed.”

The video was all about bringing your imaginations into reality.

There were quite a few coloring books on a table.  Cute innocent kids were given a choice to select their favorite page from the book and color it. This was not just enough, there was more thrill and suspense to it too.
Surprisingly and Magically , Once the coloring of a picture is completed the picture becomes real with the beautiful creation of the artist and kids get fascinated to see their creativity in real world.

It was a feel good feeling to see the little artists coloring and to see it appearing in real. For instance:

  1. When a butterfly is colored , the butterfly comes out of the sheet and fly’s in the sky .

2) If a bath tub picture is completed, then a bath tub appears in real for them to swim.

3)The red dashing car comes out of the book for a joyous ride.
There was so much fun and enjoyment as the kids were giggling and jumping all around out of excitement and happiness.

I used my rational thinking initially and thought this is all just a trick to attract kids and this is impossible in the real world.
BUT the little kid in me hoped and the Adult in me wished if something like this comes true not only in dreams but also in Real. I had two questions in mind and I did ask myself?

  1. What fun and exciting it would be to see our dreams getting fulfilled in actuality.
  2. Is it possible if we too draw/ color/ write out and it turns out in real?

This thought triggered a thrill in me to find ways and solutions. I wanted to experience the feel and power of magic .
I recalled a book I read long time ago called ‘ The Artists way.’ In this the author narrates the power of Synchronicity.

Synchronicity in layman’s words is a meaningful co incidence of  an event that takes place in the outside world with  the state of mind that happens within inside us .

Example- If You badly wish to speak to one of your best friend but you  cannot contact as you lost the contact details due to a phone bug .Circumstances and situations co incidentally turns in a way where you meet your friend on a virtual meet in one of the workshops and you connect to each other after years.

Within a span of few days, I heard a well known author who said:

Anything and Everything you want and wish to fulfill can surely become true by cultivating the habit of writing. Writing is fun, Writing is magic, Writing does wonders.

I experienced the power of synchronicity. I started to pen down my thoughts,my wish list in a journal and experimenting with a belief  to see the magic.

It is believed that when we really wish something for a constructive purpose and when we write it each day until it is achieved, we register it in our mind, in our thoughts and over a period of time the universe  makes it their duty to fulfill it.

Learnings from that weekend:

  1. Kids easily believe in words told by strangers too as they are really innocent and trust everybody. As adults, we too need to keep the little kid alive in us to enjoy, to experiment, to innovate and to learn from everyone.
  2. Expressing and Writing works wonders. It works as a magical tool in reaching our goal.
  3. Experimenting is life, if no new ways and things are tried out then our present and future remains the same. Our progress comes to a stand still.
  4. Believe, Trust and give yourself time that every step and effort you take towards your dreams will surely be fulfilled.

Life would become so beautiful. Just BE PATIENT AND TRUST THE PROCESS.

7 responses to “The Magical Reality”

  1. Pratima Kulkarni says:

    Beautifully presented


  2. This is a wonderfully positive and encouraging post, thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey jas… First of all… Thanku soooooo much for the unconditional encouragement u showered upon me n my blog today.. I cant express how much that means.. Stay uber blessd. And about the article.. Its mind blowy boggling.. I wish i could express better.. But for now, plz accept


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