A Teacher – A Special Person

Years and Years passed by,
Batch of Teachers and Students changed,

But yet the dialogues remain same.

Students statements:

  • “This is my favourite teacher.”
  • ” I like this teacher though she is strict”.
  • ” I understood the concept right and still remember it because of my teacher.”
  • ” My life changed because of my teacher.”

Teachers statements:

  • ” Discipline, Punctuality, Responsibility are the crucial rules of my class.”
  • “Listen, understand, practise again at home to make it more clear”
  • ” My class children are really bright and very good.”

However, the purpose of a teacher teaching remains the same:

1)” Every Teachers main goal is to groom, mould and shape the child to excel in studies and prepare them for their holistic growth.”

2)” A teacher shows the mirror to a child of what it is capable of and who he/she can become in life by the approach of mentoring with love, and sometimes being strict too.”

On the other side, the purpose of a student is just to obey, study, make friends and pass with flying colours in exams but unknowingly the students take much more in return under the guidance of a Teacher:

1) Hard work, Efforts, Discipline, Punctuality – The minimal requirement of being successful in life.
2) Failure in exams and motivation given by teacher to pay extra attention and Clearing the exam paper- The art of bouncing back in life inspite of failures.
3) The participation in all the activities in school irrespective of whether we are good or bad in it- The importance of breaking comfort zone in life and going beyond it to grow and evolve.

The lessons and skills imparted by a teacher are LESSONS OF LIFE and when an individual sticks to those learnings in future too even after their schooling days it not only passes in exams but also PASSES IN EXAMS OF LIFE.

#Gratitude to every teacher

# Blessed to be a student

# Respect to teachers

# Happy Teachers day

One response to “A Teacher – A Special Person”

  1. Actually you know a teacher is called efficient when his or her students become efficient. Very well written 👌🌹❣️ I am also a teacher and loved to read your article.🌹👌❣️💐

    Liked by 1 person

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