The Art of Letting Go

It was a busy mid-week. Lots of work piled up. Extra Office work demanded over time towards work, Exams in school demanded extra effort to focus on kids studies, Coincidentally relatives called up to visit home and other multiple household chores were on the list too.

It was a feeling as though I was carrying a huge bundle of weights on my shoulders.

I was confused and pressurized on which work do I finish first.
I had to be present at the same time in many places. It’s not about just time management but many a time there are days when we are absolutely free and some days are overloaded with sudden work. This Wednesday was one such tiring day.

I expressed this concern to my friend, she said this happens to everyone, it’s not a big deal in that…

With an eagerness to know what can be done, she told it’s also because of my ‘ So-called Nature‘. I was even more confused now, I asked her to further explain in detail. She asked:

1) Do you continuously attempt to make someone understand something even if after repeatedly communicating, it has no effect?

2)Do you find it really difficult to say ‘NO’ to the tasks that you do not want to do since you might be handling many things at the same time due to whatever reasons?

3)Do you have the nature of trying to make everyone happy and overthinking on what others think about you.

The answers to all of the above were a big ‘ Yes’. I could imagine me in all the above roles. She then smiled and said:

My dear friend, you need to learn the art of let go. This is an art which surely has to be learned by all.

Letting go is definitely tough but unless the art of letting go is not learned, we restrict ourselves from being peaceful. We block the positive energy flow by blocking ourselves with the beautiful art of enjoying life

The importance of letting go is really very essential to maintain the balance of life. Some days are super busy but if this scenario takes place every now and then, it only means that we are holding many things that need to be let free.

Start the journey of let go

1)Let go of the things that you hold so tight that it starts troubling you.
2)Let go of the grudges and the mistakes of the past and the tension of the future.
3)Let go of the nature of comparing your life to someone’s else life as you never know what’s cooking on the other side. 4)Let go of the thoughts, work and items that are no longer of use and only are a hurdle to start something new. 5)Let go from getting stuck and being tired of controlling things as the ultimate goal is Happiness.

We are Humans, Not Robots

Letting go technique

Give time to yourself to accept things as they are and let the thoughts flow to someone whom you trust or write it in a letter and let go of it to create new memories.

Embrace the art of letting go and reap the benefits of being peaceful.

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