The Evoking Breakfast

With the lock down ease and relaxation in different phases, things slowly started moving back to the new normal .
This made my universal belief even more stronger.

However tough a situation in life is ,

It has to ease after a point of time.

We all are designed to get adapted to the way situations demands us to be.
That is the law of nature.

The sooner we adapt to this law of nature, the easy our journey becomes.

The work culture, kids, homemakers have all been adopting a hybrid way to their lifestyle.

Almost everyone have taken their vaccination shield and been courageous enough to move outside to work and enjoy to socialize.

With this adaptability, I too went out to have breakfast in the morning after almost 4 months.

This was the first time, I stepped out post the Pandemic.

A little fear in mind, crossed fingers I ordered the breakfast looking at people sarcastically with no masks while eating and being in the moment of the present. People around me were enjoying the hot and delicious breakfast served in front of them . The soft , fluffy and piping hot idli made it more even tempting to eat.

The aroma of the food made me a little relax and I developed a chillax attitude.

I told myself “If I have come to the restaurant to enjoy breakfast then I should leave the fear, the guilt of eating outside and just enjoy the present moment.”

This rekindled the importance of:

Living in the present that brings us in a Awareness state where we mindfully know what is happening around us and be their present not just physically but in a complete mental form too.

The Alertness stage

  • We miss on the beautiful memories to build with our children when we multi -task by playing with them and working on the laptop too…
  • We miss on the chance to laugh out loud when a friend cracks a joke and we are in a different thinking.
  • We forget that we could miss the opportunity to learn and understand a big lesson of life when we do not pay attention to the spiritual gurus and Elders too.
  • In situations, In celebrations, In relationships and many other instances, we tend to become preoccupied in other things, in our own thoughts, In our own world and there we lose the most important part of life which is ‘ Living in the present.’

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”


Think over it and START NOW to always live in the present.

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