The Real Life Immortal Heroes

Recently I got an opportunity to write on a very important, crucial and sensitive topic of organ donation.

Just before I would write anything, I had these thoughts in mind:

1) Why would anyone plan to donate anything after their death?

2)Why people would give their organs to someone else?

3) Is it normal to do so?

I was left with hundreds of questions in my mind.

Death is a term which is not at all acceptable, not welcoming and a fearful subject to talk and face. But some people are fearless.They are not born that way but they make themselves rock solid. They do not fear the truth’ Death’.

People who are prepared for any eventuality are the ones who have lived their life with full of grace and are satisfied with all that they have done. They are the ones who chase their dreams before they run short of time.

I worked on to find the people whom I felt are always remembered, the real life heroes who are immortal.

a)Freedom Fighters – They lived each moment of their life only to make India an independent country. Even after so many years, each one of us have an imprint of their sacrifices in our hearts.

We are free of any fears, any form of slavery because of the kindness of our freedom fighters and Jawaans who think about their country first than anything else.

b)Doctors and the Health care practitioners – A big Salute to the Warriors who have given a priority to their work first and then thought of the infection that can affect them.Their only vision is to cure every person (specially in Covid times)

There are many such heroes who are always remembered with respect for the work and deeds they have done selflessly.

One such category of people who are not discussed, are the ones who volunteer and take the pledge to donate their organs to people who really need them the most. It requires a lot of courage to take the first step in planning to work for such a noble cause.

” Live king size and die king size”  foundation aims to reach out to create awareness about deceased organ donation.

Facts of life

1)A single donor can save upto 8 lives and give vision to 6 people.

2) Five lakh plus people die in india every year waiting for an organ.

Change in approach

Change happens by attempting the mindset to change.

  • A family who has lost all the hope to save their near and dear ones can get that HOPE through means of organ donation.
  • Utilize – Make use of everything even your organ, if it can be helpful to someone who badly needs it.
  • Get countless blessings for the precious gift you can give someone.

These are the thoughts that a person gets when he/ she plans to donate the most precious part of their organs to someone else.

The immense pleasure and the rolling down of tears of joy that a donor gets cannot even be measured.

Be the one to Bring a change in the society by being an organ donor. Go get the badge of Green Ribbon

The pledge form for organ donation

A recent act of Kindness

Puneet Rajkumar the kannada superstar has proven that the act of kindness can be shown in every smallest form to a very nobel and great form by the way of organ donation.

After his death, 4 people were fortunate enough to get the chance to see and experience the beautiful life.

As many as 1,500 people have come forward and pledged their eyes in four to five days after this noble step and about families of 16 deceased people have actually donated the eyes of their dear ones, which is a record by itself.

The act of kindness makes us always stronger as we experience positive mental change as we release the feel good hormones.

Kindness is the act of the Corageous and Strong person.

Be the one and be the change.

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