Communication of A Blossomed Flower

Early in the morning when I woke up, I was so pleased to see a blossomed hibiscus flower in my balcony garden.

I love the greenery, the fragrance of the flowers but I am yet learning the art of gardening, Nurturing a small seedling to a beautiful plant.

I was so enthusiastic to offer the hibiscus to the diety as the flower took real long time to grow.

Plucking a flower is no big deal but plants do breathe, they too have a life and plucking the flower in a wrong way can also damage other flowers and the whole plant too…My bad, within few hours of my plucking the flower the whole plant dried up. I was shaken up.

I was discouraged and felt hopeless that I could not revive the plant. I didn’t knew how I could re create the life within it.


My Intentions, Thoughts were pure but unknowingly I still harmed it. Few things once done, cannot be set right.

Similar way, in life too sometimes we have right intensions, but yet we become responsible in complicating or harming things. Its all because of the WORDS that we use to communicate. Words have an impeccable impact over many things.

Words are the start of a Conversation, Words are an end too

Words can heal someone, Words can also hurt ,

Words create hope, Words create despair,

Words are influencers, Words are destroyers ,

Words can make someone laugh, words can them make cry ,

Words build connections, words break them too

The way we use the words in our communication matters the most.

Words are our WORLD. Observe the low energy words that we use in our daily routine an without even thinking the consequences of it.

Ex: 1) If we repeatedly say 5 or more times in a day that we are tired, we actually make it true.

However, if we say I am fit, I am healthy,eventually we notice that you will become fit and fine.

2) If someone is wrong in anything and if it is abruptly told ‘ You are wrong’ , the person listening it would feel bad or insulted.

Instead if it is told ‘ I understand and see what you did, but if was done in this way, it would be better.’

This is perceived by the listener that what was done holds a value but there are rooms of improvement.

So be aware of your words .Words are the biggest and powerful tool given only to humans. Words are only in the control of the person who uses them. Once, they are told they cannot be taken back.

Experiment yourself with the high energy words and experience the magic of a big change in you.

“All big changes of the world come from words.”

Marjane Satrapi

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