Priority Or Negligence

The digital technology has made the world really small. Pandemic has been a boon to a many in a number of ways.
Offices, Schools, Shopping, Entertainment has all wrapped itself in a 2*2 tile square. There are no more geographical boundaries. Meeting anyone is no big deal now.

The Other side of excess use of technology

Life has become simple with the boon of technology but at the same time, Busy schedule, Long working hours, Back to Back meetings, Usage of headphones and earplugs has had a toll on health too.

Negligence on health

Like many others, I too found myself caught up in the web of Meetings, Social media, Glued to Mobile phone and laptop to make the best of the opportunity the pandemic offered us.

Very soon, I found myself trapped in the toll on health.It then reflected the words of my Aunt uttering in my ears
No one can take care of your health, It’s only you who can set your body right.

Lack of walking, jogging, sitting in one posture for long hours, can have multiple health issues like weight gain, back ache, eyes and ears infection and many others.

My understanding

Just as a patch test is always done in skin to see if it suits our body. Similarly, the pandemic lifestyle has showed us the importance of health in life.

The universe has made our body in a way where the body itself gives us signals to be cautious in advance before anything serious turns up.

Focus on your priority

Each one of us have the same 24 hrs., nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorities that makes us what we are.

If we do not focus on taking out time for our health, then on a later date we have to take out time for rectifying our illness.

Action plan

  • If its not now, then it’s never
  • Consistency has to be the buzzword.
  • Healthy Habits lead to a healthy and happier Life.
  • Be a healthy version of myself by focusing on my innovation of D.E.S.H therapy.

D – Digital Detox for fixed hours in the day

E- Exercise

S- Sleep Well

H- Prioritize mental and physical health

More Inspiration

82-year-old Woman, Kiran Bai going viral in social media and newspaper for lifting weights, doing squats and a bunch of other strength-training exercises . She proudly proves that age is just a number to start anything.

The most important investment you can make is on yourself.

Warren Buffett

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