In a huge river named GOMATHI, in Dwarka city Gujrat , birds were chirping around in the sky with a beautiful view .Devotees would come to the bridge SUDAMA SETU to throw coins in the river and pray to fulfill their wishes.

The mornings are less of water and that time, there were two girls, happily searching coins together in the river to earn few pennies ‘and share it among themselves. In order to entertain the kids and themselves too, there were a group of visitors who informed the kids that they would throw few coins in the river and the kids can take a good catch.

That was a game . The race was on who would get the maximum coins. Amazingly, the two kids who were collecting coins earlier as a team, started to fight among themselves because of the Race to earn more. Many a times, the coin was just in front of them but both of them were unable to find it.

Ironically, Life is lived just like a race:

  1. Students, new job seekers run behind mugging up the syllabus and entering the profession or job following the demand prevailing among friends (without noticing their passion, interest and their capabilities).
  2. Professionals, Entrepreneurs are in a race to achieve success, money power many a times ignoring the social values of humanism.
  3.  Parents, irrespective of their child interests, nature enrolls their child in possible all the courses and classes to match them as per the societal demands.


  1. Growing, Learning and being in pace with the world is of at most important but at the same time being aware of what and why we are doing the task is equally essential.
  2. In order, to strike a balance, “DO what you LOVE doing, instead of trying to LOVE what you DO”.

There would then be no boredom, no pressure, no stress of work. In replacement there would only be Motivation, Energy in the tasks that we take .

Growing and accomplishment is a process

  1. Being an achiever, comes from failures and setbacks: There is nothing to bother of it. “Learn and go ahead” is the mantra.
  2. Be happy with what you are and spread the happiness among others as it gives the giver always happiness and self-satisfaction.
  3. Be honest in all your endeavors, and you will be respected by everyone as this quality is missing to achieve things at any cost.
  4. There is an immense power in working as a team.

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.”

Ratan Tata

One response to “LIFE IS NOT JUST A RACE, IT’S A PROCESS!!!”

  1. Well written Jasmine.I agree to the quote

    ‘”If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.”

    Ratan Tata

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