Little Things – Bigger Impact

Children are blessed in exploring joy in every mynute things of life. The child doesn’t know the difference between materialistic and non materialistic things. It just knows how to be happy and pleased in every moment of life. They laugh and giggle on everything. They jump and express their feelings to everyone they know.

As adults, we too have this characteristic in us but in the midst of Responsibilities, Thrive to Succeed, Work Pressure , The little achievements and little things of life dims the image of looking at the small little achievements we do everyday. However, we still possess it within us.

The purpose to celebrate the little achievements in life

  • When we enjoy the little moments of life our perspective to look at things change. We feel happiness in every essence of life.
  • We start paying mindful attention to the things we had taken granted for.
  • The little achievements have huge power to move the mountains of Failure, Mental stress.
  • It helps us to take incidents lightly and ease our life.
  • The small little things bought together builds way to Bigger Achievements.

It’s the little things that makes life wonderful.

Few little achievements of mine:

1) The first little time I learnt to ride a cycle, I bribed my parents to get me a new toy,

2) The day on a doctor visit for root canal, I would get an ice cream,

3) The excitement of getting a rose on valentines day in college.

4)The day I was rewarded by my dad for cooking the first dish.

5)The first stock which turned profitable, I felt I was on top of the world.

These little achievements make us to what we are today.

The Realisation

The importance of little achievements came to me this time in a way in which I realized that I had forgotten to celebrate the little things of my life.

This notification in my site, made me a child again. I smiled,appreciated, Cheered and experienced the little things and little achievements are the ones that adds up spice to our daily routine.

I further got motivated to write more and more to inspire people through my blogs.

A little achievement each day, adds to big results.

Satya Nani

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