The Awakening Short Trip

Short breaks from routine and work are really essential to refresh the mind and body. It enhances the mood and makes a person to get back to working on a cheerful approach.

The shift of Approaching Monday shifts from

Oh! Its Monday Again, Hectic schedule’ TO ‘ Wow, its Monday, Workday after a refreshing weekend trip.’

Breaks also increases the productivity. I heard this many a times, but experienced too in a short trip of mine to a very famous temple.

The Pooja rituals of the temple grabbed my attention. The priest asked the devotees to consistently shower flowers to the deity and chant the mantras that he would be preaching to the devotees.

All the devotees present there would blindly repeat the same mantra,( the meaning unknown to them).I was also one among them, offered flowers, Chanted and followed the same guided by the priest.

This is done with a Belief in the priest and Faith in God. The offerings are done to please God to fulfill our prayers.

This process took around 45 min. It was very difficult for everyone to just focus on the pooja throughout but yet it was done religiously with full discipline.

I am sure that each one of us have done this kind of ritual sometime or the other.

In temples, in house warming and in various other occasions.

However, When as devotees we can blindly follow the rituals and believe in the process

  • Can we also have Blind belief towards the Universal power in whatever he does?
  • Do we believe that eventually all things have to be settled and times are sometimes tricky for everyone?
  • To know more about bad times and good times, click the given link Uncertainty is life
  • Have we learnt the art of surrendering ourselves completely in the supreme power when things seem to be in a haphazard manner?
  • Do we have self belief in ourselves to shine and grow with the difficulties of life?

We are one with the supreme power, we are not different from each other. The Quran, The Vedas, The Bhagwat Gita all mentions that God is in every element, every species and every drop of water. We have to feel him within us.

Once we experience his unity with us then there would be no space for any fear, doubts in mind and soul.

Experience the oneness with God and offer everything to him.

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