Optimism is a learnt mindset with a power to look at life beautifully.

The Magical Reality

Weekends are fun. They are a blend of Relaxation, Entertainment and have just a little flavor of work.Being an easy going day, I was surfing the channels  on television and YouTube videos.Interestingly, The title of a particular video caught my eye. The catchy title that hooked me was ‘ The Magical Reality.’ I got curious […]


In the Mid Evening,When the moon was about to shine,My phone rang and a message beepedFORGIVE ME Forgive Me ANYHOW for everything,The harm and pain caused knowingly or unknowingly,By SELF or By OTHERS,Its YOU and ONLY YOUTo Leave it and Move on,To held yourself free from grudges of the past,To Allow yourself fly away from […]

ये उन दिनों की बात है

यह उन दिनों कि बात है,जब मां धारावाहिक सीरियल देखते हुए,झलकाती थी आंसु,और मै मंद मंद मुस्कुराकर,खूब मज़ाक उड़ाती थी उनकी,समझ ही नही आता,कि एक्टिंग को देखकर,रोने कि वजह क्या हो सकती,क्यूंकि हमे तो सिर्फ़ रोमांटिक मूवी ही लुभाया करती थी,और हर बात मै बस मस्ती ही सुझती थी। मां से सवाल पूछने पर बस […]

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    Superb Nice thoughts.,

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